What to Look for in Vendor Contracts

Planning your wedding may seem as simple as picking your favorite vendor at a great price, but it's important to remember that you are hiring a subcontractor with a contract that both parties are meant to follow.  Knowing how to read your contract and what to look for before you sign is crucial to making sure you are taken care of and can handle your end of the responsibility.  Hiring a wedding planner or furnishings can be helpful, but if you do not have these options available there are specific things to look for that will save you stress when communicating. Cornerstone Furnished Apartments offers many furnished apartments for rent in tampa fl.


Payment schedules are important to lock down early on.  Finding out the deposit due, and the payments due along the way will help you create a schedule that works for your budget.  You may be able to negotiate your payment schedule based on your income or when you get paid.  You also should find out if you are able to pay any money before due dates, as some vendors have restrictions.  Make sure the pricing is not subject to change or inflation.


In order to avoid disappointment or confusion, pay attention to the description of services provided.  You want to make sure that the description is what you have agreed to, and that any additional services you requested have been added to the contract.


Find out what will happen if the vendor is unable to perform their duties, and have them include it in the contract.  Some vendors will find you a replacement, and some only provide a refund.  You also will need to carefully read what will happen if you choose to cancel the vendor's services after signing the contract.  Especially when working with service based contractors, the terms are usually stringent to protect the vendor, so be sure that you wish to utilize the service before signing.


Knowing how to read your contract can help you ensure that you are able to handle payments, keep your vendors happy, and get everything you need from your vendors on your wedding day and the months leading up to it.





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