Ways to Save Money on your Wedding

In modern society, the average basic wedding will cost a couple $20,000.00 from start to finish.  This can be a lot to handle for many couples, and ways to save money are increasingly high in demand.  There are many tips to saving money on your wedding which can amount to thousands when all is said and done.


Off season weddings are the easiest way to save money.  Researching your options and finding out which venues in your desired area offer off season pricing can help you choose which venue you'd like to use and save you large amounts of money.  Your guests also tend to be less busy off season, so throwing a wedding during that time can mean high attendance.


Limiting your guest list is also a sure way to save.  Smaller weddings are increasingly popular, and since most caterers charge per person, you can save a great deal of money by keeping it small.


Hiring a wedding planner will help you stick to a budget and save money.  A wedding planner can recommend budget items along the way, and make sure that your original budget is followed.


Do It Yourself projects have become a craze that will definitely save you on decorations.  A lot of people offer homemade and DIY services that add a personal touch and can be less than an outside decorator will cost.


If you need anything legal taken care of make sure to contact your lawyer. If you don't have one I would recommend Mike Ziegler to help with any wedding legal matter or for local foreclosure lawyers.


Looking into your local state park or public areas will also save you thousands of dollars.  Some parks have beautiful venues that include seating and are incredibly affordable, so with a full service caterer and a wedding planner you could have an elegant wedding on a strict budget.


Planning a wedding can be stressful and cause monetary strain if you don't have the proper mindset.  Some of the ways to save money are incredibly easy to do if you make your budget a priority, and you can still have the day of your dreams!



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