Venue Coordinator vs Wedding Planner- What’s the difference?

Many venues advertise that they have a wedding coordinator on hand to handle your wedding.  This can lead couples to believe that a personal wedding planner is not necessary.  However, the jobs of a venue coordinator and a personal wedding planner differ in many ways.

A venue coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of your wedding relating to the venue are handled efficiently.  They make sure that the requested items from vendors are available, ensure that the food comes out on time, and generally see that everything is done on schedule in relation to the venue.  

They are there to make sure your tables are set, the staff is taking care of your needs, and the venue is protected by making sure you have a wonderful experience.  They communicate with you or your wedding coordinator to find out what you need and make sure it’s available, as far as their venue can provide.
A personal wedding coordinator finds out from your vendors exactly what you need and foresees any possible conflicts that may arise by unavailability, then makes sure to find an alternative.  

The personal wedding coordinator works to protect your interests, and offers a variety of services.  If they are your day of coordinator, they make sure your transportation is on time, your bridal party is ready, and any details pertaining to you are taken care of.  

The venue coordinator is limited to the venue, while your personal coordinator is mobile and can oversee additional details. If you have a full service wedding planner, they will also look over your contracts with outside vendors, research multiple options, and assist you with all necessary details.
Your venue coordinator and personal wedding planner can work together to give you the perfect wedding.  Understanding what your venue coordinator can and cannot do can help you decide what additional services you need, and ensure that your wedding runs smoothly and without false expectation.


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